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Hi there! I'm Bizarre.In this website, you'll be able to see samples of stuff I've made or worked on, aswell as seeing my commission prices


So! You want to commission me?I can do themes for games, videos, intros, whatever is related to music, you can poke me about!I can also voice act. If you're looking for a voice for your character, or to narrate a story, I'm your man!You can see examples of both my music and my voice acting in the "Portfolio" tab up there!Now, for the prices.(Price sheet image was supossed to go here but is not finished yet, woops.)I do character themes for 90 EUR each! These are usually about 1 minute and 30 seconds of duration, and I'm flexible on the style, chiptune, jazzy, classical. However please do keep in mind that if it's a new style to me, I'll have to study and take my time to learn it.I can also do VFX or voice act, the price here will heavily depend on a number of factors, so that'd be mostly discussed on chat.

Here are some projects that I have worked in!This page is still WIP.

Games I have worked on


This page's not finished yet!


Voice acting and music!